Things, Be-things, and Technological Beings

An ongoing subsection of my PhD work, previously called the Data Hungry Home


Over the past three, almost four, years my PhD has taken a number of different paths whilst pursuing new knowledge around Human-Computer Interaction and Human-Data Interaction (HCI meets HDI).

As it is now entering the final stretch, the main results of the PhD are beginning to come into focus. One of these results considers how beingness could one day emerge about of certain combination of technology (matter) and code and data (information). In response to this thought, an early framework is being developed that seeks to explore various ways in which this technological beingness could manifest itself in these new types of beings.

More information on how this occurred can be found in my publications relating to this topic as well as a number of talks I have given on my thinking.

The full workbook produced throughout the research can be found here.



CAD & Rendering

Presenting the Work