There is a discussed concept that the next world war could be (or is currently being) fought on the Internet. The reasons of this war remain similar to our contemporary justifications such as domination or control of a geographical location or societal collective for defence (such as a preemptive strike) or invading another country on humanitarian means or even for the control of resources (e.g. oil).  It is believed that the need for resources or suitable climate could play an ever-increasing role in the justification of war as time goes on. Cyberwarfare in this context could be used to either threaten a nation into surrendering, even without the need for a “boots on the ground” invasion or as part of an attack to cripple infrastructures such as power and communication.

However, what if the war effort was for a different purpose, an environmental crusade of sorts. What if a country or collective would “invade” or “attack” another, gain control of their infrastructure, and force them to live environmentally friendly lives to try and reduce emissions. This could lead to imagining drafting taking the form of collecting droves of people and training them how to hack and deploying (maybe in various coffee shops or other collective spaces) with “officers” overseeing these activities. 

Going to war to save the planet.

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