Data as a Material for Design

Exploring how we design with, and think of, data.

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Things, Be~things, Beings
2018 – Present

What if assemblages of technology and information could more than a thing?

DesRes 2019 Branding

Graphics design work for the Design Research (DesRes) 2019 conference at Loughborough University

Designing Practice for Dishevelling Research

If one were set the challenge of performing fundamental research in design or research for design, how would they tackle it? Design is a practical field and one of the crucial and subtle ways through which design is diversified and opinions demonstrated is the collection of one’s methods, mentalities, beliefs, values, tools, mediums and outlets, in other words, their design practice.

12 Miles Out to Sea

The shore and the sea, are areas for which Britain is well known. However, who owns the sea? What can an individual or community use the sea for other than visits and tourism? How does the sea, and its applications, look in the future?

The Thames Tidal Tea Shop

In an ever-changing word, mobility, adaptability and ingenuity are key. In this varying environment can commerce still reside in the large scale, permanent structures they use currently?


Cycling as a mode of transportation is becoming increasingly popular and has its own culture, styles and products. This rapid increase in popularity has not been complemented by a comparable increase in cycling specific infrastructure. As such cyclists share the road on a daily basis with all other road users giving rise to an increased risk of accidents.